Why you should never fix your dentures at home
Why you should never fix your dentures at home | THE DENTURE PEOPLE | Full Denture Repair

Cracked, fractured, chipped or just not right, you should never try to fix your full dentures at home.

It’s so easy to think, ‘I can fix that myself’, and we’ve all done it before, but for your perfect smile, you shouldn’t take that chance.

We want you to know that no break should go unfixed, no matter how small or ‘troubling’ you may deem it, so here are some reasons why it’s never a good idea to try and fix dentures yourself.


DIY – DI Don’t!

DIY fixes can cause more damage to your dentures, especially if you use super glue! Super glue is not made for oral use, and it has toxins in it that irritate you or lead to other issues. Other DIYs using the wrong tools can lead to partial dentures that no longer fit the mould of your mouth.

Although denture repair kits exist, they are not a permanent solution. Denture repair kits are a temporary way to fix your dentures until you visit a The Denture People verified clinic with qualified clinical dental technicians.


Don’t let any damage get worse; get your full or partial dentures fixed!

If you don’t think the damage is ‘bad enough’ to get it fixed yet, you’re wrong. Any damage that causes the dentures to be ill-fitting can lead to painful mouth sores or tissue damage.

The plates are designed to perfectly match your gums and nearby teeth, so attempting to mend the damage yourself could lead to that harmony being broken.

Broken or damaged dentures, whether a full or partial denture, is a problem that is best left to the experts. Let the professionals fix your denture and get your smile back today.


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