Why is it important to fix Broken Dentures?
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Have you recently suffered broken dentures? The Denture People are here for you!

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This latest blog will explain why it is imperative for you to fix your broken dentures.

Why is it important to fix your Broken Dentures?

Pain Problems

If you have recently suffered broken dentures, they can cause you a lot of pain and should be seen to immediately.

Should you have any gum pain or natural discomfort in your mouth, do not try to realign or fix your dentures on your own.

Doing this can cause further problems to your overall mouth health, and they will not be fixed to the correct standard.

Oral Health

As well as influencing your smile and confidence, broken dentures can rapidly bring about a negative cascading type of influence until the end of your general oral well-being. A portion of the issues include:

  • Decrease in jawbone thickness
  • Regular teeth become skewed
  • Weakened biting or gnawing
  • Expanded chance of gingivitis

Cost Saving Method

Saving money in today’s climate is at the forefront of everybody’s mind.

You may not think you are saving money in the short term by fixing your broken dentures. In the long term, it is.

Whether you have partial or complete dentures, they will require repairs at one point or another.

By ignoring the signs of broken dentures, you are at risk of extra costs if they all need to be replaced.

The Denture People Broken Dentures Services

The most clinical dental technician can repair broken dentures on the same day and, where possible, within an hour.

Your clinical dental technician can repair fractured dentures and chipped teeth, and replace missing ones, so they look new.

If your dentures break while you are wearing them or have broken them on multiple occasions, there may be something wrong with how they fit.

You shouldn’t repair your dentures yourself with superglue or self-repair kits.

These may offer a quick solution but rarely last that long and can make it impossible to repair the youth denture again and cause permanent damage.

What are some tips for denture maintenance?

Removing dentures at the end of the day is an essential process that will need to become a part of your daily routine.

To clean your dentures, you must rinse them in warm (not hot) water after every meal.

If simple rinsing does not clean your dentures thoroughly, a denture brush or toothbrush may be used to remove loose food from between the teeth.

Every night the dentures should be cleaned with a brush and non-abrasive cream or paste.

Abrasive powders or regular toothpaste should never be used as these could scratch the denture surface, making them more challenging to clean.

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