Who can provide dentures to patients?

Who can provide dentures to patients?

To provide dentures to patients is a specialist skill, and only those with the required qualifications can provide a denture service.
In this latest blog, we’ll break down who precisely can provide dentures, both complete and partial to patients. We’ll also tell you how you can make sure that your chosen providing practice is legal and safe to do so.


CDT – Clinical Dental Technician

A Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) is a position that sits somewhere between a dentist who would usually take the patient’s impressions and a dental technician who would receive the prints from a dentist and then make the dentures.

The CDT combines both of these roles, taking the impression and making the dentures. Having a CDT reduces the amount of time it takes for the patient to receive their new dentures and massively improves the number of errors/issues.

Any CDT should have the qualification Dip CDT RCS Eng, be registered with the General Dental Council, and carry appropriate professional indemnity.

Unless a Dental Technician has this comprehensive training and qualification, they cannot legally provide dentures directly to the patient. They can only register with the GDC as a Dental technician and provide work for dentists.


How can I check that my chosen provider is legal and safe to provide dentures?

The GDC’s role is patient protection. This means that their register of professionally regulated denture providers is constantly being updated.

The safest measure you can take before committing to a denture appointment is to search the GDC’s CDT register on their official site.

If you cannot find your chosen provider, this person is operating illegally and is not qualified, registered, regulated or have indemnity insurance.


The Denture People – we’re here to help!

The Denture People are a group of CDT’s sharing a website to which we all contribute. You can access any of these providers for details of their services, and they can be found using the various search tools on the site.

To access our directory, click here and find the perfect denture provider for you!


If you are interested in speaking with a qualified Clinical Dental Technician about dentures, click to search for your nearest clinic.