Types of Dentures

Supreme Plastic Set: Hard plastic teeth, with very strong acrylic denture base. The teeth under normal bite conditions they should last for 4 to 5 years without showing too much sign of wear and have a very good appearance and strain resistance.

Superior Plastic Set: The strongest most natural looking of the plastic teeth on a very strong acrylic denture base. The teeth are hand finished under normal biting conditions should last up to 5 years before showing too much wear. They have excellent stain resistance and a very natural appearance.

Premier Resin Set: Using an extremely hard resin tooth on a very strong acrylic base. Theyare  very natural in appearance due to the many layers of different colour resin used to make each individual tooth and have excellent stain resistance. Normally this quality of denture would need to be replaced due to your gums changing shape rather than the teeth wearing down.

Prestige Porcelain and Resin Set: Using an extremely hard most natural looking porcelain front teeth and the strongest resin back teeth on a very strong acrylic base. This is more natural looking due to the porcelain front teeth being the closest match to the appearance of natural tooth.

Injection Moulded Bases: The toughest most stable plastic bases that money can buy. The dentures are injection moulded, which reduces the chance of distortion in the processing of your dentures creating a flawless perfect fitting and virtually clinically unbreakable set of teeth.

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