Tips for Denture Cleaning
Denture Cleaning with toothbrush flat on white table

Are you looking for tips to help with your Denture Cleaning?

Having clean dentures is just a matter of good habit, and denture cleaning is critical!

This latest The Denture People blog gives you step-by-step tips to help with denture cleaning and the services we offer!

Top Tips for Denture Cleaning

Removing dentures at the end of the day is an essential process that will need to become a part of your daily routine.

The steps below will help ensure your dentures are maintained in good shape.

  1. Preparation

Firstly you must fill up your sink with warm water and place a towel or cloth next to the sink – ready for use.

You must ensure you do not drop your dentures onto the floor as they will break and smash. Place an extra towel on the floor for extra safety.

  1. Loosen Dentures

Using warm water, you must gargle the water in your mouth to help loosen the denture seal so you can take your dentures out easily.

  1. Remove Dentures

Removing your dentures is a tricky process. Start with the bottom denture and hold the middle part with your thumb and middle finger, gently loosening the denture.

Using a back and forth motion will help loosen the denture away, and when this happens, you can gently pull up the denture and out.

Remove the top denture using the same motions and process as the bottom set without harming your gums.

  1. Rinse Dentures

The next stage of the denture cleaning process involves rinsing your dentures. Use cold or lukewarm water to ensure no loose food particles are present in your dentures.

  1. Brush/Clean Dentures

After rinsing the dentures, use a soft toothbrush to clean your dentures further. Use low-abrasive toothpaste or denture paste for best results.

  1. Remove Residue

To remove any residue from the mouth, gargling warm salt water will help avoid any difficulties. Using a clean cloth to wipe your gums and then rinsing with warm water is also another way of maintaining perfect denture maintenance away from The Denture People.

  1. Overnight

Soaking dentures overnight helps maintain the dentures for an extended period of time. Doing this will also help put them on during the day and take the dentures off in the evening.

  1. Rinse One More Time!

The final time you should rinse your dentures is during the morning. Before inserting the dentures, ensure they are rinsed and clean before inserting into your mouth.

The Denture People Denture Cleaning Services

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