The problems with poorly fitted dentures
The problems with poorly fitted dentures

Poorly fitted dentures have often been a long-standing problem for many patients that come to The Denture People looking for expert care advice for their dentures.

This latest blog will discuss several issues that can arise from poorly fitted dentures and how to fix them!


Gum Shrinkage

If your gums shrink, and you do not have your dentures relines or remade, your lower jaw may become out of line with the upper, leading to the face muscles virtually collapsing.

For many patients, the leading cause of embarrassment of gum shrinkage is that it can often give the appearance of premature ageing by causing old and wrinkled features.

We can happily tell you that gum shrinkage is an easy fix for our many member CDT’s (Clinical Dental Technicians).

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Potential Problems from Poorly Fitted Dentures

The below is just a general overview of typical problems arising from poorly fitted dentures. If you are in extreme discomfort from your dentures, visit your nearest qualified denture clinic as soon as possible:

  • Dull pain in or about the ears This problem comes about due to the realignment issue of your dentures. This can cause confusion to your sinuses, thus producing a dull pain in and about the ears.
  • A clicking or snapping noise when chewing Loose or poorly fitted dentures will not function as they should, thus making the simple act of chewing food that bit more difficult. This click or snapping sound is caused due to your dentures grinding together with your current fit being incorrect for your facial shape and mouth.
  • Headaches A common problem with many possible causes, it’s often difficult to pinpoint the actual cause of a headache. Many TDP patients, in the past, have complained of headaches with poorly fitted dentures. Given the close proximity of both dentures and many areas of the head/face, headaches could be a complication of poorly fitted dentures.
  • Cracked or continually sore corners of the mouth Poorly fitted dentures often make patients have a ‘dry mouth’. When this happens, your natural response is to produce more saliva. However, this can often exacerbate the problem, leading to cracked or continually sore corners of the mouth.


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