The Denture People’s Ultimate Guide to Denture Maintenance
Denture Maintenance | The Ultimate Guide | THE DENTURE PEOPLE

Unsure of how to best care for your dentures?

Feel like you could use some tips and helpful advice on denture maintenance?

That’s where The Denture People can help!

In this ultimate guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about denture maintenance, including denture cleaning, storage, repairs, and replacements.

What are Dentures, and who would benefit from them?

Dentures are a common solution for people with missing teeth or needing all their natural teeth replaced.

They are custom-made dental appliances that fit over the gums and provide the appearance of natural teeth. A

Although dentures can significantly improve people’s quality of life, they require regular maintenance to ensure they remain comfortable and functional.

So, let’s make a start on our ultimate denture maintenance guide!

Denture Maintenance – Ultimate Guide

We’ve split our denture maintenance guide into two parts; denture cleaning and denture storage.

First, let’s talk you through some basic denture cleaning steps, as recommended by our Clinical Dental Technicians

Cleaning Your Dentures

Dentures can accumulate plaque, bacteria, and food particles like natural teeth.

Therefore, cleaning them daily will help to prevent oral infections and bad breath.

Here are some simple steps to follow for tip-top denture health!

  1. Remove Your Dentures:

Take out your dentures and rinse them with warm water to remove any loose debris.

2. Clean Your Dentures & Denture Case:

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and denture cleaner (for tougher stains) to gently brush your dentures.

Avoid using toothpaste or abrasive cleaners, as they can scratch your dentures and potentially create tiny crevices where bacteria can accumulate.

Don’t forget to also show your denture case some TLC by cleaning your denture case regularly to prevent contamination.

Warm water and soap (hypoallergenic or fragrance-free) are ideal for cleaning your case.

Leave your case to dry and move on to step three…

  1. Rinse Your Dentures:

After brushing your dentures, rinsing them thoroughly with warm water is needed to remove any remaining denture cleaner and debris.

  1. Soak Your Dentures:

You can soak your dentures in a cleaning solution to remove stubborn stains or bacteria.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the solution properly.

  1. Rinse Again:

Rinse your dentures thoroughly with warm water before putting them back in your mouth.

Next, we’ll discuss our denture storage best practices…

Storing Your Dentures

When not in use, it is essential to store dentures properly to prevent damage and keep them pristine after cleaning.

Here are some tips on how to store your dentures:

Keep Your Dentures Moist:

Dentures can become brittle and are prone to warp if they dry out.

Therefore, keeping them moist when you are not wearing them is crucial.

As discussed earlier, you can store your dentures in a denture-soaking solution or plain water.

Store Your Dentures in a Safe Place:

Use a denture case to store your dentures and keep them out of reach of children and pets.

Dentures can last a lifetime when maintained, so take our tips on board, and your dentures will be grateful!

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