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It can be very easy to get lost in Google when searching for terms like dentures near me.

Your location might be off, and your WiFi may have a poor connection. So many factors could have given you poor results when searching for a denture clinic near you. That’s where The Denture People come into play!

Using our denture directory, you will be able to find a local clinic in minutes!

Our latest blog will discuss the benefits of each service available to you in local denture clinics listed on The Denture People.

Denture Services available

There are several services provided by local denture clinics in your area; let’s have a run-through of some of them:

Complete Dentures

  • Natural-looking tooth shapes and colours that compliment your age and face shape
  • Facial rejuvenation! Facial muscles appear more taught, and sunken features appear plumper, creating a ‘ mini facelift.’
  • Teeth repositioned for improved appearance and added facial volume
  • Gum contour and colours perfectly replicated
  • State of the art materials for durable dentures
  • Injection-moulded denture bases ensure the best fit for all patients

Acrylic Partial Dentures

Partial dentures aren’t for everyone; they may be the right option for you if:

  • Tooth loss is a certainty, and you need partial dentures as an immediate solution
  • First-time denture wearers may prefer to try an affordable partial denture
  • Any remaining natural teeth need to be stabilised. Gums may need to be examined and treated before you can benefit from a partial denture.

Light Alloy Partial Dentures

Light Alloy Partial Dentures can help you to:

  • Form words and sounds, making your speech clearer!
  • Make eating more comfortable, helping you enjoy food!
  • Restore your natural smile!
  • Keep your current gum/oral health intact and, on most occasions, enhance it!
  • This type is often said by our patients to be much more comfortable

Flexible Dentures

Flexible Dentures adjust to all tooth and mouth shapes, making them a comfortable fit for patients who may have, for example, overcrowded teeth.

Flexible Dentures have the benefits of:

  • Restoring a natural-looking smile
  • Some of our longest-lasting injection-moulded dentures
  • Speedy creation and fitting
  • No need for adhesive to hold in place

Implant Retained Dentures

Dental implants can be used for many dental applications or fixtures, including dentures but also, for example, crowns or bridges.

Advantages include:

  • Secure fit for every denture!
  • Less friction on the top of your mouth!
  • Improved taste and speech!
  • A natural bite!
  • Greater chewing ability, allowing you to enjoy your food again!
  • Aids digestion!
  • Relieves pressure and alleviates soreness!


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