I’ve Damaged My Dentures. What Should I Do?

I’ve Damaged my Dentures. What should I Do?

In case you have dentures, it’s vital to take proper care of them. If you are not handling them well, then they can lose some of their properties. But, there are situations when people have damaged their dentures and they are wondering what they can do about that. Of course, in situations like this, it’s the best idea to contact your denture clinic.

Once you visit the denture clinic, the professionals who work there will check the condition of the dentures and find the best way to solve the problem. Let’s not forget to mention that once the dentures are fixed, you will have to get prepared for at least one adjustment. There are many cases when patients think that they’ve damaged their dentures or they are doing something wrong with their dentures, but in fact, their dentures just have to be adjusted in order to fit well.

How to take proper care of your dentures

First and foremost, we must point out that you should never take do-it-yourself actions in order to fix the dentures. In this way, you will probably cause even more damage. But, the truth is that there are a few things that you can do that can benefit your dentures.

For instance, if you drop your dentures or you notice that some parts are fallen, you should gather everything you can. It’s highly recommended to gather all the piece of the denture that was broken. Of course, the wiring is not an exception.

Another good tip for denture home care is to use dental wax. In case you’ve noticed that the clasps are a little bit loose, they will soon start rubbing the gums which will lead to irritation. If you are experiencing something like this, you should purchase dental wax. This wax is placed directly on the wire and serves as a barrier. Remember that this is a temporary solution and you have to visit a dental office as soon as possible. They can treat you in a professional way.

If there’s something seriously wrong with your dentures, take them out, soak them and put them in a transportation case before you go to the denture clinic. Never wear damaged dentures.

Don’t do these things if you think that your dentures are damaged

Most denture clinics will recommend a few things that patients with damaged dentures should avoid. By following these tips, you should be able to avoid permanent damage and simplify the repair process.

For starters, don’t purchase home repair kits. They usually do more harm than good. So, you’ll probably end up paying more for the repair if you use these kits.

Finally, don’t use over the counter glues. Many of these products are packed with chemicals that are bad for your health. Why risk your health when you can visit a denture clinic office and get professional help?

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