How Long Should A Denture Last?
How Long Should A Denture Last? | THE DENTURE PEOPLE

There are many pre-conceptions surrounding dentures, from what you can and can’t eat to how they are made and with which material.

At The Denture People, we want to answer these questions with facts, not fiction. That’s why in each blog, we’ll aim to answer a different FAQ.

In this latest blog, we’ll be tackling the question of how long should dentures last?


Denture Lifespan – How long should they last?

The lifespan of a denture can be difficult to put a definitive number on. There are many contributing factors to the lifespan of a denture. These range from diet, sugar intake, and whether the wearer is a smoker or non-smoker.

In general, good practice for dentures is to have them reviewed by your CDT (Clinical Dental Clinician) every year to review any changes in condition. This could be minor issues such as wear and tear or more pressing problems such as a change in shape/fit.


My Dentures Feels Fine. Why do I need regular check-ups?

Even if your denture feels fine, regular check-ups help to keep the condition of your denture in tip-top shape for longer, as well as your overall oral health.

Dentures wear down through everyday use of eating and cleaning. This is normal. However, the base of a denture cannot adjust to the ridges in your gums, which are ever-changing.

This is why your dental practice or denture clinic will always recommend yearly check-ups to ensure your risk of mouth infections or permanent damage.

After all, think of all the food and drink we consume in a year!


My Denture Has Become Loose. Can I fix it myself?

No, never attempt to fix your denture yourself!

If your denture feels loose or the alignment feels slightly off, it’s important to book an appointment with your clinical dental clinician at your earliest convenience.

A loose or ill-fitting denture should always be replaced as soon as possible. The longer you leave it, the more complications may occur over time with both your denture and oral health as a whole.


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