How do dentures stay in my mouth?
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How do Dentures stay in my mouth?

Dentures are custom-made false teeth that can replace missing teeth and help restore one’s oral function, appearance, and self-confidence.

They are typically made of a plastic base that fits directly onto your gums and a set of false teeth that are attached to the base.

To keep them securely in place, they must be held in place with suction or adhesives

Suction is achieved when the denture base is snugly fitted against the gum line and sealed using saliva. This creates an airtight seal which holds the denture firmly in place.

There are also special denture adhesives available that can be used to provide extra stability for lower dentures, as well as provide cushioning for sore spots often caused by ill-fitting ones.


Adhesives work by filling any gaps between the denture and the gum line and creating a solid bond between them – preventing the denture from slipping or shifting in your mouth when you talk or chew food

It’s important to note that while adhesive products can provide additional support, they do not replace a well-fitting denture, as it is still necessary for the patient’s dentist to ensure that their dentures fit correctly and comfortably before use.

Additionally, since adhesive products will eventually wear off throughout the day, it is important to remove them at night and thoroughly clean them to remain comfortable and effective.

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  • Complete Denture Services – The complete dentures that CDTs create can improve your quality of life and leave you feeling confident and self-assured about your appearance.
  • Acrylic Partial Denture Services – Designed to look and function like your natural teeth, these partial dentures are handcrafted and bespoke for every patient.
  • Light Alloy Partial – A light alloy partial denture is a mixture of acrylic and a light alloy metal, i.e. chrome cobalt.
  • Flexible – Flexible dentures adjust easily to any irregularities in the mouth to provide a more comfortable and effective fit.
  • Immediate – We will fit your immediate dentures to give you the confidence you need, Ready to wear on the same day.
  • Implant Retained Denture Services – Dental implants can be placed in your jaw, holding your dentures firmly in place.
  • Repairs – Your clinical dental technician can repair fractured dentures and chipped teeth, and replace missing ones, so they look new.
  • Relines – If you suffer from tender gums and sore spots, a soft denture reline or lining can help take pressure off your gums and make daily denture wearing more comfortable.

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