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Reasons for Denture Repair


Denture repair may be necessary for several reasons. The most common reason for needing denture repair is due to breakage or damage caused by accidental trauma or daily wear and tear. 

Cracks or damage

Common signs that a denture needs to be repaired are cracks, chips, or fractures in the acrylic material, broken clasps and loose teeth, discolouration of the denture base, and units that no longer fit comfortably. 

Size Change

Denture repair is also necessary whenever there is a change in the size or shape of one’s jaw which requires the appliance to be adjusted accordingly. 

Why should I get my Dentures Repaired?

Repairing dentures allows users to restore their smiles, improve their appearance, and regain their ability to chew food properly. 

Not only that but repairing dentures helps preserve the oral health of the user since it increases comfort when wearing them while helping prevent further problems from happening within the mouth, such as sores or irritation caused by ill-fitting dentures. 

Additionally, denture repairs can help reduce people’s embarrassment due to an ill-fitting appliance that causes a distorted appearance when talking and smiling. 

Repairing a damaged denture allows for continued use of the existing dental prosthesis instead of starting from scratch with a new set which can be costly financially and emotionally for many patients.

The Denture People Denture Repair near me Services

The Denture People offer a range of dental repair services for dentures to ensure that customers can enjoy their smiles with confidence. 

Our experienced clinical dental technicians can repair fractured dentures and chipped teeth and replace missing teeth quickly and accurately so that they look new.

Our same-day service means that most repairs can be done in a single visit and returned to you within the hour, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life. 

We also provide our customers with an emergency call-out service if they need a fast response. Our technicians are highly skilled and qualified in traditional and modern techniques so that we can guarantee a quality repair every time. 

In addition to repairing existing dentures, we also provide relining services to ensure your dentures fit properly and comfortably. 

We use high-grade materials such as acrylics or metal frameworks to create customised relines for each patient’s mouth shape and size. 

This ensures the perfect fit each time, offering more support than standard relines. 

At The Denture People, we understand how important it is for our customers to have their dentures repaired quickly. 

We strive to provide quick turnaround times without compromising on the quality of workmanship or customer service. 

We understand that these repairs can be necessary in many cases due to accidents or other unavoidable circumstances, which is why we always aim to make the process as stress-free as possible for all our clients.

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