First Time Denture Wearer? Things You Need To Know.

First Time Denture Wearer? Things You Need To Know.

In case you need to wear dentures, and you are not entirely comfortable with the idea, you may well have a few things on your mind that are leading to this discomfort. You are probably wondering about things like how easy it is going to be eating and speaking, and what are you going to look like when you are smiling.

The truth is that there are many myths and misconceptions related to new dentures and what they are like, but you will see that even after a few days as a new denture wearer, this worries will and you will start to feel much better and less nervous than before.

You will start getting used to the dentures and you will realise all the advantages that they bring.

We should point out that there are many people who wear dentures. As a matter of fact, more than 15 million men and women in the UK wear full or partial dentures. This means that around 25% of the population are using dentures. Just think about it – you probably know at least a few denture wearers yourself, but you probably don’t think about their dentures when you talk to them.

This is quite natural because the latest denture technology, as well as denture care methods, helps people get a natural appearance and the difference between natural teeth and dentures is minimal and barely noticeable.

As a new denture wearer, you will probably experience some minor difficulties like adjusting your mouth and teeth when pronouncing certain words. However, quite quickly you will adapt and soon notice that they are surprisingly easy to get used to.

Having said that, you might be wondering if there are any ways by which you could speed up this process and make the transition smoother.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Use a denture adhesive

In this way, you can keep your dentures in place. Using denture adhesive is not difficult and guarantees that the wearer will have a permanent and powerful grip on the dentures.

2. Practice

In case you are experiencing problems with the pronunciation of some words, it’s the best idea to read them aloud while you are alone. You will figure out how to say them in the right way.

3. Patience is a virtue

As the old saying goes – patience is a virtue. You can’t expect to overcome potential issues in a day or two. It usually takes a few weeks to get used to the dentures. Give your cheek muscles and tongue time to understand how to keep the dentures in place.

4. Be natural

If you are wearing dentures, you should not stop doing things that you usually do like coughing, smiling and laughing.

So, the most important thing in this process is to be patient, disciplined and persistent and after a few weeks of practicing these tips, you should be able to feel all the advantages of wearing dentures. But, in case you still feel problems in the future, you should definitely get in touch with your CDT and resolve the issue.

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