Do Dentures Contribute To A Dry Mouth?

Do Dentures Contribute To A Dry Mouth?

If you are like most people, then you probably don’t think much about saliva and its effect on the condition of our oral cavity. But things change when our mouth stops producing enough saliva.

Most of us have experienced a situation where our mouth is as dry as a bone and we all know that this is a very unpleasant feeling.

The truth is that many things can contribute to a dry mouth and some of these things are chronic while others are just temporary. In case you are dealing with a problem like this, you should know that a dry mouth increases the chances of developing a dental problem.

It turns out that saliva plays a significant role when it comes to our health. It’s even more important for those who are wearing dentures. Saliva supports the body’s effort to create suction between the dentures and gum tissue, and in this way allows for the retention and stabilization of the dentures in a simple, natural way.

Additionally, saliva serves as a natural lubricant which keeps you safe from irritations and abrasion that can result in sore spots located beneath the dentures. It can also protect you from a wide range of oral health issues.

Keep in mind that dry mouth can result in denture sores, irritations, and annoying infections in denture wearers.

As we all know, dentures allow wearers to chew and eat a wide array of healthy foods. They can also improve the looks of those who miss teeth. Yet, there are thousands of people who are wearing dentures and experiencing dry mouth issues.

We have already mentioned that saliva is crucial for denture wearers because it helps their dentures fit smoothly and stay in place. But, in case you are dealing with a dry mouth, the dentures might well be loose and you are experiencing damage to the supporting gum tissue. As a result of your dentures not fitting well, this could lead to additional irritations to the mouth. If this is a common problem in a patient, the CDT may suggest the use of implant dentures.

People having problems with a dry mouth might find implant retained dentures a better solution. This is a slightly more complex process which requires the implantation of posts that look like natural roots. With the help of chewing you will keep the gums fit and strengthen the jawbone which will ultimately get rid of the rubbing. In addition, it will also reduce the shrinkage of the gums and the discomfort related to the denture adhesive. On the other hand, exercising the jawbone will support the natural production of saliva.

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