Dentures: An Ideal Solution For People Of All Ages

Dentures: An Ideal Solution For People Of All Ages

Contrary to popular belief, dentures are not designed only for older people. Admittedly, most of the patients wearing these prosthetic devices are people that are over 60 years old, but there are also many cases where young adults are benefiting from dentures.

Dentures represent a conventional prosthetic solution for people who have lost most (or all) of their teeth located on one or both of their jaws. In situations like this, dentists are using partial or full dentures. In this way, they can bring back the aesthetics and functionality of the mouth. According to many surveys, most people believe that dentures are made only for the elderly. The vast majority of patients are losing most of their teeth only when they become old and that’s why people believe that dentures are just for seniors. But, the truth is that you can find many young patients that are using dentures.

This is quite natural because in case the number of teeth that are left is very low, it is very likely that dentures will be the only option you have regardless of your age. There are a few different ways in which young adults can lose all or some of their teeth including pathological conditions and periodontal disease. In case these oral health issues are not treated in a timely manner, this could lead to severe tooth decay as well as to gum disease. In cases like this, most dentists will have to remove the teeth and use dentures.

As we said before, there’s more than one reason why young adults are losing teeth. For instance, there are specific hereditary conditions that could lead to loss of teeth. However, in most cases, severe tooth loss happens due to very poor dental hygiene at a young age, inappropriate diet, avoiding visits to a dental office for a long period of time as well consumption of many sugary products on a regular basis. In case the patient can’t pay treatment for a few teeth, then they can always count on dentures as an inexpensive solution that will solve this problem.

It’s worth mentioning that dentures for young adults may be the only option in some specific situations like severe oral deformity by birth. The same goes for specific diseases and accidents. For example, juvenile arthritis is listed as one of the reasons for major dental issues, both due to the side effects of the treatment and the disease itself. It’s not uncommon for patients suffering from this condition to lose many or all of their teeth and dentures will become the only option they have. Disruptive de-mineralization condition is another reason that leads to severe tooth loss. Of course, there are some situations when you can use other options like implants for example, but in some cases, dentures are the only reliable solution.

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