Denture Services

Complete Denture Services

Clinical dental technicians understand how the loss of all your natural teeth can impact on your life. As well as affecting daily activities like eating, talking and laughing, losing your teeth can also lower your self-esteem. The complete dentures that CDT’s create can improve your quality of life, and leave you feeling confident and self-assured about your appearance.

Teeth provide support for your face, especially around your mouth, lips and cheeks. Complete dentures will make unsupported drooping facial muscles appear more taught and sunken features appear plumper.

When you lose all of your natural teeth your jawbone naturally shrinks away to a lower level especially in the lower jaw. This combined with the shrinkage of your gums means the proportions of your face shift and volume reduces. The face looks older as a consequence with sunken in features and sagging facial muscles with the cheeks sinking downwards which broadens the face towards the bottom. Hence the need for well-made accurate fitting dentures made by a clinical dental technician.

Clinical Dental Technicians have the technical and clinical experience and skill needed to provide denture services that restore your face to the correct proportion making you look and feel younger.

Denture services benefits include

  • Natural looking gender specific tooth shapes and colours that compliment your age and personality
  • The Effect of facial rejuvenation , Facial muscles appear more taught, sunken features appear plumper crating a ‘ mini face lift’
  • Teeth are positioned for improved appearance and added facial volume
  • Perfect replication of gum contour and colours
  • Durable state of the art next generation materials
  • High impact injection moulded denture bases for the best fit possible

Acrylic Partial Denture Services

Many partial dentures wearers suffer from wearing normal inexpensive acrylic dentures. But now, more people are beginning to discover the benefits of Superior quality acrylic partial dentures. Designed to look and function like your own natural teeth, these partial dentures are handcrafted and bespoke to every patient. To ensure your denture teeth appear at their most natural, they are individually positioned to match the form, shape and size of the teeth you have lost.

Using the most innovative manufacturing techniques will ensure that your plastic dentures offer the perfect fit and stand up to everyday wear and tear.

To create the dentures that offer you the best appearance and function, vast experience why not utilise your local clinical dental technicians using the latest innovations in dental technology. You can then experience acrylic partial dentures that look and feel better than ever before.

Wearing plastic partial dentures is down to personal choice and it may be the right option for you if:

  • You are facing tooth loss as a certainty and you need partial denture to offer you an immediate solution
  • You are a first-time or inexperienced denture wearer and you would prefer to try a more affordable partial denture
  • Your remaining natural teeth need to be stabilised and your gums must be treated before you can benefit from a light alloy partial denture

Light Alloy Partial Dentures

Lighter, more durable dentures – many partial dentures are made from either a hard or flexible dental acrylic. A light alloy partial denture is a mixture of acrylic and a light alloy metal i.e. chrome cobalt.

These denture materials are tested to ensure that they are completely biocompatible with your mouth and body. As well as being far less bulky than partial dentures made from plastic, light alloy dentures are highly durable. What is more, they are more light weight and our patients say they are more comfortable to wear.

Light alloy partial dentures are designed to be hygienic and offer less tissue coverage, which increases oral sensitivity and taste. Your light alloy dentures will be retained with metal clasps or resin clasps that match exactly your natural tooth colour.

Your light alloy partial denture will:

  • Help you form words and sounds, clarifying your speech
  • Make eating more comfortable, helping you enjoy food
  • Enhance your appearance by restoring your natural smile
  • Preserve the health and appearance of any remaining teeth so you can keep smiling
  • Make wearing partial dentures a more comfortable experience.

Flexible Dentures

If you find that your partial dentures are loose or uncomfortable to wear, especially while chewing foods, Flexible partial dentures can offer you a more comfortable solution. When you cannot accommodate a normal plastic partial denture, a flexible partial denture can be offered as an alternative. This is because flexible dentures adjust easily to any irregularities in the mouth to provide a fit that is more comfortable and effective.

Benefits of flexible partial dentures:

  • Natural looking to restore your smile
  • Long lasting injection moulded, flexible resin
  • Quicker to create and fit than a conventional partial denture
  • No need for denture adhesive to increase the retention of your dentures

Immediate Dentures

You shouldn’t have to wait several weeks for your mouth to heal after your tooth extractions – or feel self-conscious for an additional month while your dentures are being made. When you’re a Dentist removes your unhealthy teeth, we will fit your immediate dentures to give you the confidence you need, straightaway, Ready to wear on the same day.

Before your natural teeth are extracted, your clinical dental technician will create an immediate complete denture or partial denture that is ready to wear on the same day as your treatment. By working closely with Dentists, clinical dental technicians will make sure that your immediate denture can be inserted immediately after your unhealthy teeth are extracted.

After approximately three months, your tissue and gums will have settled down and healed your gums will change shape and you will need either a denture reline or a new denture. Depending on your individual needs, your clinical dental technician may advise that your immediate denture is a temporary solution, and create a new denture once all healing has taken place.

Implant Retained Denture Services

Make denture adhesives, sore spots and embarrassing moments a thing if the past, with implant retained dentures. Dental implants can be placed in your jaw which will hold your dentures firmly in place.

Dental implants are small titanium screws that act as a substitute for the root portions of your missing teeth. As a biocompatible material, the implant will fuse with your jawbone. Implant retained give a more secure fit, you can talk, eat and laugh freely without having to worry about what your dentures are doing.

Dental Implants can be used for all kinds of dental applications including dentures, crowns bridges etc.

Advantages of implant retained dentures include:

  • A stable and secure fit of your dentures to your gums
  • Less denture base covering the roof of your mouth
  • Improved taste and speech with less denture base
  • A bite comparable to your own natural teeth
  • Restored chewing ability with greater enjoyment of food
  • Improved digestion and well being
  • No more pressure points or sore spots.

Denture Repairs

Most clinical dental technician can repair dentures in the same day and where possible within an hour. Your clinical dental technician can repair fractured dentures, chipped teeth and replace missing teeth so they look like new. If your dentures break whilst you are wearing them, or have broken on multiple occasions there maybe something wrong with the way they fit. You shouldn’t repair your dentures yourself with superglue or self-repair kits .These may offer a quick solution but it rarely last that long and can make it impossible to repair youth denture again and cause permanent damage.

Denture Relines

As time goes by, the shape of your mouth and gums will change naturally. This can mean that over time, your dentures won’t fit you the way they should. By adapting your dentures to fit with the unique and changing characteristics of your mouth, your Clinical dental technician will ensure that your dentures continue to offer you the best fit.

A hard denture reline will improve the fit and stability of your dentures. 

If you suffer with tender gums and sore spots, a soft denture reline or lining can help take pressure of your gums and make day to day denture wearing more comfortable .This is often the case for people who have a very flat lower gum , which means that the lower denture is more mobile than ideal. 

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