Denture Repair – Why You Should Use A CDT

Denture Repair: A Few Things Everyone Should Know

Dentures in different shapes and forms have been used for hundreds of years now. There is more than one good reason why these prosthetic devices designed to replace missing teeth are so popular – they look and feel great, they allow people to restore their facial appearance, they protect remaining teeth and more.

However, dentures, just like other prosthetic devices can sometimes break and lose their functionality. This is where denture repair comes in the picture and why you should always go to a qualified Clinical Dental Technician (CDT).

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Before we go into details and discuss this topic, let us analyse the reasons why dentures break.

A few reasons why dentures break

First of all, there are cases when people simply drop their dentures on the floor and they break. In other cases, people notice that their dentures have cracks as a result of wear and tear. Keep in mind that no matter how good your dentures are, the materials used in them tend to deteriorate over time. That’s why most dentists recommend denture repairs after five to ten years. In addition, our body and our face is prone to changes which can cause discomfort in people wearing dentures. A simple fix can solve the problem.

Important things to remember when dentures break

First and foremost, you should not panic because this is something that can happen to anyone. If the denture is broken, you should try to find every piece of it and put in a container or bag (use plastic bags). Keep in mind that if all the parts are there, it is very likely that they can be placed back in and your denture will work again without any problems.

Why you shouldn’t do DIY repairs

The fact that denture pieces can be placed back in doesn’t mean that you should opt for DIY repairs. On the contrary, you should look for a FULLY QUALIFIED CDT that offers denture repairs. DIY repairs are not recommended because you can make a few mistakes that can be quite costly. First of all, you don’t know which glue is right for your type of denture. Next, you probably won’t be able to put back the missing piece in the correct way. In the end, there is a great chance that you will cause additional damage to the denture.

How dentures get repaired

Professional denture repair providers are able to manage both partial and full denture breaks, repair one or few teeth and provide a replacement. It is crucial to use the help of a FULLY QUALIFIED CDT because they have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to take care of denture breaks. They use specially designed, officially approved supplies and materials like adhesives, resins and other things that guarantee good results. During this process, they will also clean the dentures thoroughly which is another huge advantage.

Professional denture repair is a must for every broken denture. You should do this as soon as possible and the best idea is to use FULLY QUALIFIED CDT for this task.

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